ABC Membership

The TEXAS MID COAST CHAPTER of ABC is a member based, member driven organization. Our members are the very foundation of our Chapter and we take very seriously their generosity of contributions, sponsorships and participation in our events and programs.  We also are always aware that their membership dues are hard earned and we are very grateful for their support of our Chapter and our industry.  The Texas Mid Coast Chapter works hard for its MEMBERS because they work hard for US and we appreciate them all.Currently TMC has115 members and we continue to grow. We keep our members informed, we fight the legislative fights for them and for our industry and we continually recognize and applaud our members for their efforts and accomplishments.  We believe that....

"Partnerships between people, between companies, with customers and with suppliers create greater value for all concerned." – Stanley C. Gault

We invite other industry companies in our area to consider membership with the most impactful organization in our area and welcome questions concerning our efforts and our objectives.  We are proud to show new members how we can help them improve their companies’ success stories in our industry. TMC is a virtual clearinghouse of information and services for our members, not the least of which is our very pro-active Plans Room. Offering Membership-Discount programs, beneficial networking opportunities, exciting events and info-programs helps members in their businesses and TMC is proud to “partner” with our members in the furtherance of our industry, their businesses and our open shop philosophy. Dedicated to the growth of our communities and our industry, the Chapter is a member of the Victoria Area Chamber of Commerce.