Affinity Programs


Your Chapter is very proud to announce a new cost savings opportunity for our members!

We are very cognizant that savings in today’s economic climate are ever more important and we are committed to finding ways to help our members save. As you have heard me say many times, our members are the very foundation of our organization. We are grateful for your membership, your support and your contributions to YOUR ABC as an organization and to YOUR CHAPTER. We are very pleased to offer another innovative idea through one of our members, DEWITT POTH & SON. The program offers very beneficial savings on products and equipment and I can tell you that the company is exemplary in customer service and appreciation. Your Chapter is finding partnering with Dewitt Poth & Son a very pleasing and beneficial opportunity. I am confident that you will find it to be the same, while you save money via a fellow ABC member.

As an ABC Texas Mid Coast Chapter member your company has access to a very powerful bidding tool, the Virtual Plans Room, as provided by the Virtual Builders Exchange. If you are not currently tapping into this resource, please get up with your TMC Chapter so that you can see how to improve the number of bids your company completes every week. We will explain what you have access to with your ABC membership and the best way to utilize this information in your day to day bid prep.